Quick 3-Point Checklist for any Entrepreneur looking to venture into Distribution Business.

From centuries INDIA is known as a land of Entrepreneurs, Distribution is one of the oldest form of the business that exists. In centuries, very little have been changed until the dawn of 20th Century when computers made their prominent position on the desks of businesses worldwide. However, Such long existence of this business model have made the business naturally competitive yet remarkably stable and highly resilient to the UPs and Downs of the economy. In this note, we would take a quick glance over some touchpoint’s and elaborate over this with posts in the next few days, exploring and discussing them further. By Definition “Distributors works to move products from manufacturer to markets”. But today this is not the case and a distributor should make a significant value addition to the business and the brand. So, it becomes essential to have great I.T. Infrastructure (Technology) along with the good logistic capabilities. There are several distribution models and opportunities …